Demian Clouded Vision

Demian – With Love & Voodoo EP

Demian – With Love & Voodoo EP

Demian is the latest artist to release on Clouded Vision and this EP is a amazing ! I have been looking for these tracks for ages since I heard them played in Matt Walsh’s sets in the last couple of months !Finally they will be released on February 24th !

“Spiraculum” is the stand out track for me with its Italo Disco sounding bassline and weird percussion perfectly suited to a live set from Matt Walsh, Ivan Smagghe or Remain !

“With Love and Voodoo” is also great as well with its 303 riff floating in and out of the track the whole way through , the break down in this track is also fantastic with that really trippy chord sound !

There is also remixes by Remain , Pink Skull and Gameboyz which are all really good as well !