Man Power Kilaton

Man Power – Kiloton EP

Man Power – Kiloton EP

Man Power is the latest artist to release an EP on Correspondant Records. This EP is called “Kiloton” and is another quality release from the label(scarily consistent!!)

The opening track is a monster with a snarling acid bassline , rolling percussion and really hypnotic synth stabs floating around the track which would pretty much destroy most dancefloors! On remix duties for this track is Hardway Bros and they manage to make the original sound even more meaty(if thats possible?) with heavier percussion and phaser/flanger style effects over the track , I imagine this will be played in some of Sean’s sets this summer and seeing as I am going to A love from Outer Space in the summer I hope to hear it blasted out!!!

The track “Parenthesis” is a really dark techno track that I could imagine getting smashed out by the likes of Ivan Smagghe and Magda and the Raudive remix is also a tasty sounding techno track!!

Here is the preview TURN UP LOUD!