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DBFC - Leave My Room EP

DBFC – Leave My Room EP

DBFC – Leave My Room EP DBFC are a wonderful concept, created from the musical landscapes of both Manchester and Paris and featuring David Shaw and Dombrance as members! Their description says : “DBFC is not a band, its a club DBFC has no strategy DBFC is not interested in any political lies or promises DBFC is…

Philipp Gorbachev

Philipp Gorbachev – Arrest Me

Philipp Gorbachev – Arrest Me Philipp Gorbachev – Arrest Me is a track on his debut album called “Silver Album” and is released on Comeme who have released some of his singles and EPs last year as well ! The producer who is from Moscow certainly knows to make quality Italo Disco with a Techno slant…

La Mverte Through the Circles EP

La Mverte – Through the circles EP

La Mverte – Through the circles EP La Mverte is another producer from France (what is in the water over there!!?!?)His new EP “Through the circles” is being released on Her Majesty’s Ship (David Shaw and The Beat’s label) with the vinyl available by February 3rd and digital release available on February 17th. This EP has…

depeche mode construction time again

Depeche Mode – Two Minute Warning

Depeche Mode – Two Minute Warning I was very lucky to see Depeche Mode at The Hydro in Glasgow last week ! The sound was fantastic and Dave Gahan’s voice was special!One of my favourite bands of all time and a lot of the new music I listen to still borrows heavily from their tunes…

Joy Division

Joy Division – Disorder

One of my favourite bands and songs EVER!!!Joy Division were the 1st band where I was able to play the guitar and properly get it ! Dark, Melodic , Punk , Dance and somehow uplifting is how best to describe this track ! Peter Hooks bassline in this still gives me shivers when I listen…

this fear of gods

This Fear Of Gods (Hotel International Edit)

A limited edition vinyl release on Days of being Wild is an edit of Simple Minds ” Fear of Gods” When Simple Minds first came out late 70s and early 80s they were very dark and experimental and this is a quality tune would love to see more edits like this of bands from that…

edit service volume 21

Edit Service 21 – by Marc Piñol

Another Edit Service which means another FREE DOWNLOAD! This one is by Marc Pinol from Spain who makes some great Sci-Fi inspired Disco and Techno          

turn it up factory floor

Turn It Up Factory Floor

It feels like I have been waiting so long for a Factory Floor album to appear ! The single is a strong rhythmic track which would work well mixed in with another tune in a club possibly with 3 deck mixing! So here is the new single “Turn It Up” and it sounds a lot like Throbbing…

throbbing gristle

Throbbing gristle – hot on the heels of love 1979

I love the vocals and the drum sounds in this record There has been a few remixes out recently but the original is still my favourite  

days of being wild

Catalepsia DJ Set @ WILLERHOF 03-09-2013 / DOBW Residency.

Days of being Wild are one of my favourite labels at the moment each of their releases is great and has a sound that I love I have tried to make music recently with similar sounds and ideas as I find them very inspiring The label boss Catalepsia has a monthly residency and this is the…