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Denis Yurgens - Summer 2015 PT 1

Denis Yurgens – Summer 2015 Pt 1 Mix

Denis Yurgens – Summer 2015 Pt 1 Mix Mix master Denis Yurgens returns with his new recording full of Balearic Chuggers and Spacey Disco !! Here is the mix ENJOY !!  

Greeen Linez Hibiscus Pacific

Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific

Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific EP Greeen Linez “Hibiscus Pacific” has just been released on the very new and exciting New York based label Alliance Upholstery. Having had such nice weather over the weekend I have been looking to include tracks on the blog that are perfect for this type of weather and this EP…

Disko Selectors

Disko Selectors remix – Ecstasy in Slow Mootion

Disko Selectors remix – Ecstasy in Slow Mootion Disko Selectors are Deeman & Roi Canda who are from Valladolid, Spain . I came across their mix series “Serie Disko” a little while ago(features lots of people that I love) and I felt it was time for me to blog about them after I heard their fantastic new…


Come Save Me (The Pachanga Boys’ Jagwar Pawar Version)

Was lucky enough to see Jagwar Ma last week at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow last week ! They are my favourite Indie band about at the moment the fusion of styles in their music is amazing . For me they sound like a mix of Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers, Leftfield,…


House Of Jezebel – Love & Happiness (Vocal Mix)

Something a little mellower than the last few tunes that I have put up !! I am a sucker for bit of vocal house with a deep bassline ! Don’t really know too much about the producer House of Jezebel (think someone said to me its Legowelt in disguise?!?) but this tune is sick its…


Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros

WOW ! No other word to describe this mix really ! Slo Mo Chugging Disco Techno at its finest by Hardway Bros ! This was done for the fine fellows over at Music by Marina and here is the tracklist for it : Haules Baules – Truth Offset – Absinthe Dark Strands – Return Of The…

fairmont cold tea

FAIRMONT podcast for Cold Tea

Fairmont has some cracking tracks reminds me of Joy Division, Depeche Mode and more modern Minimal Techno stuff like Magda and Remain. This mix is dark , trippy and is funky as well !   Also has tracklist as well : Sad City – Polymath Deepfunk – Mistakes are blue Mark e – R Type…

club bizarre

Club Bizarre – Balearic excursion

Club Bizarre are a hidden gem for me as not a lot of people I know have heard of them but they are so good that It can only be a matter of time before they get bigger!I will promote them as much as I can !! This mix of theirs is perfect for lying…

a love from outer space electric elephant

A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston) – Electric Elephant Main Stage 2013

I AM A HUGE FAN OF A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE ! For anyone who does not know of them this 5 hour mix is a perfect introduction spanning so many genres and styles but always funky and below 120 bpm Live from Electric Elephant 2013 is Weatherall and Johnston at their very best !…