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Ess O Ess – Re- Enter EP

Ess O Ess – Re- Enter EP This is the first time we have featured Ess O Ess on Death By Repetition with their “Re- Enter” EP which is released on the Tokyo based label Ene Records. Original track is very tasty with some lovely guitar stabs , haunting vocals, live bass and trippy effects…

emile strunz

Emile Strunz – Voyetra Technique

Emile Strunz – Voyetra Technique I purchased this track last week and all I can say is WOW!I had not heard of Emile Strunz before this but after checking their Soundcloud I am glad that I did ! This track is a proper Slo Mo Techno banger its got a very 80s/90s New Beat sound…

alien428 Original poster

Haloween Rave Cave – October Blog Mix

Its nearing the end of October so its time for a new mix by myself! Seeing as Haloween is nearly upon us I have went for a dark and heavy mix that has a sort of B Movie soundtrack feel to some of the tracks ! The artwork I have used is the original Alien…


Philipp Gorbachev’s Last Days Of The District (Christian S remix)

Comeme are another label who’s output that I just LOVE! Very weird and funky sounding records that have a nod to Disco, Techno and B – Movies ! Set up Mathias Aguayo and is home to many artists such as Daniel Maloso and Rebolledo! This remix of Last Days of The District by Christian S…

FK Club Unsane


God I love French Techno/Disco! This is possibly my favourite track around at the moment have heard it on a few mixes that I have posted up here notably the Morgan Hammer and Hardway Bros Mixes! The drum beats in this tune are so funky and I love how the Snare drum changes constantly throughout…

Split Secs

Project E “Nightbeat (Split Secs Acid Beat)” Merc

Released on Mark E’s Merc label this tune is a lovely slice of rolling Acid Techno ! The 303 riff just builds and builds over the back of a funky bassline, would love to hear this in a club it would destroy you ! Enjoy!!


Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros

WOW ! No other word to describe this mix really ! Slo Mo Chugging Disco Techno at its finest by Hardway Bros ! This was done for the fine fellows over at Music by Marina and here is the tracklist for it : Haules Baules – Truth Offset – Absinthe Dark Strands – Return Of The…

justine robertson mix

Justin Robertson Sweat Box Summer Mix July 2013

This mix is a total Space Techno Banger from start to finish!!! Justin Robertson is in the same category of DJ’s such as Weatherall , Smagghe etc and when he is on form you will struggle to get better !   TURN THIS UP LOUD!!  


Eskimo Twins – Ariam (Bizzeea Remix)

From the Days of Being Wild Soundcloud : “This guy from Russia called Bizzeea got in touch with the boys on Soundcloud with an edit he’d done of their track “Ariam”. It was really good so we sent him the stems over to do it properly and we really like what he came back with…

matt walsh

Matt Walsh @ FEST, Solfa, Tokyo 14.9.13

Have been into Matt Walsh for a few years now and he is getting better and better as a DJ the style of Slo Mo Techno that he plays and releases on his Clouded Vision Label is just amazing ! This is a new mix live from Tokyo and it starts off pretty banging and…