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They Live

They Live We Sleep – February Death By Repetition Blog Mix

They Live We Sleep – February Death By Repetition Blog Mix First mix that I have recorded for the year 2014 , features a lot of tracks from last year and a couple of unreleased tracks (Thanks Tronik Youth and Disko Selectors) I am now going to record a mix every 2 months instead of…

Eskimo Twins Winter Nights Podcast (Kane FM) Parts 1 & 2

Eskimo Twins Winter Nights Podcast

Eskimo Twins Winter Nights Podcast for Feed Your Head(Kane FM) Its always enjoyable when you can hear a producer/DJ get better and better every time they release something and Eskimo Twins are certainly on top form at the moment! This mix for Kane FM is a belter and takes you from Slo Mo Disco right up…

yello bostich

Yello – Bostich

Yello are a very influential band from Switzerland consisting of members Dieter Meier and Boris Blank. A lot of Electronic music that I listen to probably owes a little to this band. I hear bits of their sound in people like Smagghe, Weatherall, David Shaw and the Beat and Red Axes . Weird music with hypnotic basslines and grooves…

chloe kill the dj

CHLOE slow mix (Ktdj residency/ radio grenouille)

CHLOE is another French DJ producer and I am also a big fan of her music ! She is involved with Kill the DJ which is a fantastic label and also features the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Red Axes and Matt Walsh to name a few ! CHLOE is a pretty awesome DJ and her…


House Of Jezebel – Love & Happiness (Vocal Mix)

Something a little mellower than the last few tunes that I have put up !! I am a sucker for bit of vocal house with a deep bassline ! Don’t really know too much about the producer House of Jezebel (think someone said to me its Legowelt in disguise?!?) but this tune is sick its…

David Cronenburg's Vision of Total Recall

Death By Repetition September Blog Mix

Thought I would make a new mix to go with the Blog !Will aim to make a new mix every month ! This mix is mostly made up of tunes that I have discovered recently with a firm favourite at the end ! Quite a few new releases in the mix as well got the…

Split Secs

Project E “Nightbeat (Split Secs Acid Beat)” Merc

Released on Mark E’s Merc label this tune is a lovely slice of rolling Acid Techno ! The 303 riff just builds and builds over the back of a funky bassline, would love to hear this in a club it would destroy you ! Enjoy!!


Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros

WOW ! No other word to describe this mix really ! Slo Mo Chugging Disco Techno at its finest by Hardway Bros ! This was done for the fine fellows over at Music by Marina and here is the tracklist for it : Haules Baules – Truth Offset – Absinthe Dark Strands – Return Of The…

matt walsh

Matt Walsh @ FEST, Solfa, Tokyo 14.9.13

Have been into Matt Walsh for a few years now and he is getting better and better as a DJ the style of Slo Mo Techno that he plays and releases on his Clouded Vision Label is just amazing ! This is a new mix live from Tokyo and it starts off pretty banging and…

ivan smagghe

Ivan Smagghe – 6 Mix (2013-09-13)

Was thinking that there was no Ivan Smagghe on the blog and last night he records a mix for the BBC !! One of the best DJs around and also has his moustache is magnificent!!! Thanks to https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstobethedj for putting this mix up ! This mix has a bit of everything from really ambient tunes , guitar bands…