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Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros

WOW ! No other word to describe this mix really ! Slo Mo Chugging Disco Techno at its finest by Hardway Bros ! This was done for the fine fellows over at Music by Marina¬†and here is the tracklist for it : Haules Baules – Truth Offset – Absinthe Dark Strands – Return Of The…

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Morgan Hammer Spun Out Podcast

Another new favourite Producer / DJ of mine at the moment is Morgan Hammer¬† Here is her Biog from her Facebook page : “New artist from the legendary Headman’s label Relish Recordings , Morgan was born in 1987 in Basque Country, where she discover electronic music during her long-time clubbing experience. She is a music…

a love from outer space electric elephant

A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston) – Electric Elephant Main Stage 2013

I AM A HUGE FAN OF A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE ! For anyone who does not know of them this 5 hour mix is a perfect introduction spanning so many genres and styles but always funky and below 120 bpm Live from Electric Elephant 2013 is Weatherall and Johnston at their very best !…