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sixto augusto

Guest Mix – Sixtoagusto

Guest Mix – Sixtoagusto Some brand new music for your ears with this guest mix! Sixtoagusto is from Mexico and has recorded us a live Analog Techno mix for us which i think that you will enjoy very much! TURN IT UP LOUD ! @sixtoagusto

Svengalik DBR mIX

Svengãlik – Guest Mix

Svengãlik – Guest Mix Our latest guest mix comes from Svengalik!! We first heard his mixing skills on the borderless podcasts and loved them so much we had to get him to record a mix for us!! This mix will take you on a cosmic journey through different decades and genres which I am sure you…


Guest Mix – Sinchi

Guest Mix – Sinchi Our next guest mix comes from Sinchi!!!! TURN THIS UP LOUD !!!   A little bit about them : SINCHI is an Amsterdam based collective of musicians, producers, artists and writers searching for those all too brief moments of truth through their chosen medium. They have released a number of successful…


Maya Danon – DBR Mix

Maya Danon – DBR Mix To celebrate his debut release on Relish we also asked Maya Danon to provide a guest mix for us !! An excellent blend of Techno, Acid and Ambient tracks that I am sure you will enjoy ! TURN IT UP LOUD!   Here is the review for her new release…


Guest Mix – Dar Adal

Guest Mix – Dar Adal I just love discovering new music and artists and up until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Dar Adal but I am so glad that I have!! He got in touch to say that he had recorded a mix which was in tribute to the website…


Electronic Battle Weapon 7 – Chemical Brothers

Electronic Battle Weapon 7 – Chemical Brothers What can I say about this track ? Absolute classic !! Chemical Brothers at their best and used to play this all the time at parties ! Been recently going through my hard drives looking at tunes I used to love so will be posting some more tunes…

Andres Komatsu

Andres Komatsu – Guest Mix

Andres Komatsu – Guest Mix After our little break its time to release some mixes again and we have a very special mix from Andres Komatsu to get us back into the groove!! Full of Dark Techno with an EBM slant this is best played really loud !! Andres also has just released an EP…

Johnny wilson DBR mix

Johnny Wilson Hypnotic Groove Guest Mix

Johnny Wilson Hypnotic Groove Guest Mix This next guest mix comes from Scotlands very own Johnny Wilson who is the main man for the record label and podcast series Hypnotic Groove!!! We recorded a mix for him last year and we are delighted he has now returned the favour! Recently they have had blog favourites…

Tunnel Signs

Tunnel Signs – Phantom Echo EP

Tunnel Signs – Phantom Echo EP One of the blog favourites Tunnel Signs returns with his fantastic new EP “Phantom Echo” which is out on Have A Killer Time!! Opening track “Ballast” just smashes right in with a thunderous kick drum and builds into a funky Techno track ! Lokier remixes this track and takes it…

Danceteria - Death By Repetition

Danceteria Mix – Death By Repetition

Danceteria Mix – Death By Repetition We were delighted to have been asked to record a mix for DJ Lui’s podcast series Danceteria !! Featuring a blend of brand new tracks and some belters from the last few years ENJOY !!!   Some other mixes from the podcast series :