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Gus Van Sound - Death By Repetition

Gus Van Sound – Guest Mix

Gus Van Sound – Guest Mix Our next guest mix comes from Gus Van Sound! We first heard of him when our friend Julie – Anne sent us his warm up set when supporting Weatherall and we could not wait for him to record a mix for us !! After 20 years behind the decks…

Smagghe Le Bain mix

Le Bain presents Ivan Smagghe April 2015

Le Bain presents Ivan Smagghe April 2015 Ivan Smagghe doing what he does best in this mix live from Le Bain  nothing else to say really !!!

DJ Lui - Guest Mix

Guest Mix 52 – DJ Lui

Guest Mix 52 – DJ Lui DJ Lui is from Barcelona and we first heard of him through his Something Spaecial mix which we loved !! He has now recorded a mix for us which features some quality Slow Spacey Disco which we are sure you will love!!! ENJOY !!

No strings attached

No Strings Attached – A trip down memory lane

No Strings Attached – A trip down memory lane No Strings Attached are Steve Cass and Justin Wilson and have been around the Scottish scene for years and have put on the likes of A love from Outer Space and most recently Craig Bratley at their club nights ! They are also great DJs themselves…


An Interview with Sean Johnston

Very lucky to have this interview with Sean Johnston (Hardway Brothers/Throne of Blood) on the Death By Repetition blog! Many thanks to the great chaps at the club night Lost and Found which is based at Snafu in Aberdeen for sharing the interview with us before Sean and Andrew Weatherall perform as ALFOS!! So here are…


Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros

WOW ! No other word to describe this mix really ! Slo Mo Chugging Disco Techno at its finest by Hardway Bros ! This was done for the fine fellows over at Music by Marina and here is the tracklist for it : Haules Baules – Truth Offset – Absinthe Dark Strands – Return Of The…

toy chime

Toy – Clock Chimes (Hardway Bros Outer Space Dub)

Toy are a psychedelic band that remind me of 90s guitar bands such as Ride, Early Verve and My Bloody Valentine and also other bands such as The Horrors and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in parts. This remix is by Hardway Bros (Sean Johnston Alfos) and is described as a “Drug Chugger” Best of all its available…

a love from outer space electric elephant

A Love From Outer Space (Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston) – Electric Elephant Main Stage 2013

I AM A HUGE FAN OF A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE ! For anyone who does not know of them this 5 hour mix is a perfect introduction spanning so many genres and styles but always funky and below 120 bpm Live from Electric Elephant 2013 is Weatherall and Johnston at their very best !…