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Rimshooters Pledge Allegiance

The Rimshooters vs. Snax “Pledge Allegiance (Yan Wagner operating remix)”

Loving these driving Acid Disco tunes!The original is pretty good but this remix by Yan Wagner is a peach! Her Majesty’s Ship(David Shaw and the Beat) are giving this away as a free download on their Soundcloud ! Vocal reminds me of early tunes by Tiga that have that groove and Acid House sound in…

Watch Out Yan Wagner

Bufi & La Royale – “Watch Out (Yan Wagner Rough Disco Mix) and Jaylo”

Have followed Yan Wagner on my Soundcloud for a little while now but they have not had anything out since I set up the blog but just noticed this total beast of a track!!Seems to be a lot of 303 Acid squelchy tunes about at the moment and this tune is pretty awesome ! Starts…