Tronik Youth – Latest Mixes

Tronik Youth – Latest Mixes

Tronik Youth is on such red hot form that I just cant keep up with him , just as I was getting ready to write a post about one mix he posts another one the day after !! He has to be a contender for DJ / Producer of the year for me !Certainly one of the hardest working judging by his output !!

First mix is a new mix to celebrate his label Nein Records forthcoming FREE PARTY!?!? at ADE with Justin Roberston, Morgan Hammer, Man Power , Jonah Considine alongside Tronik Youth which is a must for anyone in Amsterdam that day!!! Its a cracker of a mix which is just Tronik Youth at his finest !

Here is the mix :


The second mix which just went online a couple of hours ago is his guest mix on The Ransom Note which is just fantastic as well :