BTCOP – Guest Mix

BTCOP – Guest Mix

Our first mix of the year comes from BTCOP!

We first heard about him with his release “Lanza” which is out on Nein Records and so we thought it would be a good idea to get him to record a mix for us!

So here it is TURN IT UP LOUD !!

Soundcloud: @btcop

Track list:
1. Gong – Psychological Overture (Intro)
2. Walls – Sunporch
3. Tapan – Tarantella (Black Merlin Remix)
4. The Orb – God Less America
5. INXS – Mediate (BTCOP Waste It Mix)
6. Hardfloor – Alternative
7. BTCOP – Lanza
8. Psycho Radio ft LC Anderson – Bad Reputation
9. Michael Mayer – Lamusetwa
10. The Shamen – Evil is Even
11. Ego Express – Aranda
12. Marlon Brando – Listen to me Marlon (Outro)

The “Lanza” release:


He has also remixed “Mediate” by INXS which is a free download: