Bufi & La Royale – “Watch Out (Yan Wagner Rough Disco Mix) and Jaylo”

Have followed Yan Wagner on my Soundcloud for a little while now but they have not had anything out since I set up the blog but just noticed this total beast of a track!!Seems to be a lot of 303 Acid squelchy tunes about at the moment and this tune is pretty awesome ! Starts off with a kind of disco loop at the start and then just builds and builds till this monster of a riff kicks in could totally imagine A love From Outer Space or Daniel Avery blasting this out mid set!

Check it out here :


This remix is part of an E.P by Bufi and Royale who are from Mexico, don’t know what it is but Disco music that side of the world is in very safe hands!The other tune Jaylo is amazing as well :