Catalepsia – Quartz Giapponese EP (WILD 027)

Catalepsia – Quartz Giapponese EP (WILD 027)

Its been a while since Catalepsia has released something on his own label Days of Being Wild ! Anyone who reads the Death By Repetition blog will know that this label is one of our favourites and when we received this promo through we could not wait to hear it!!

This EP is full of dark , drugged up , heavy , funky, spacey dancefloor destroyers which will slay any dance floor ! This release takes the Days of Being Wild to another level !

The opening track “Quartz Giapponese” is a monster of a track with a punky bassline and nightmarish noises which soar through the track ! Craig Bratley (who is another producer we love) remixes this track and gives the track more of a groove and has lovely section that is just percussion , can’t wait to hear either of these versions in a packed night club soon!

“Never Ready” is the type of Techno track that I expect to hear from Days of Being Wild with its dark bassline and spacey percussion Italo Brutalo remixes this track and gives it more of a 80s goth style production over the original percussion and vocal line.

So all in all a monster of an EP which you can purchase NOW!!

Here is a preview :