Chromatic Podcast 49 | Death By Repetition

A little mix from myself for Chromatic Club!!

Went for a good mixture of quite summery vibes at the start with some banging and dark tunes in the second half!



Sun – Pines In The Sun
Spero – Forriner
Automagic – 40 Thieves
Chamanes_Ochenteros – James_Rod
Secreto Infiel – Fabio Me Llaman Soltero
Akathisia (Curses Remix)
Simple State – Sauvage World Coney Island_Mix – Daniel Monaco
Giallo Inferno – Kendal
Sin palabras (Original Mix) – Vicky Montefusco
Blood Walk – Cabaret Nocturne
Sextant (Moo Moonster Remix)
Sinensis – Carolain_Luf
Terminator One – Body Party
Concrete Funk (Original Mix) – Azaria
I didn’t know – Tristesse Contemporaine #
Inhalt – Black Sun (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
Waiting On My Angel (Leftside Wobble Re-Edit)

About Chromatic Club

“Chromatic Club was Established in Valencia in 2016, our aim is to spotlight electronic music culture in a personal and detailed fashion. We take pride in guiding discerning listeners towards music and art that doesn’t always garner the coverage it deserves.”

They have a really nice blog with lots of interviews and features worth checking out:

They have some great taste in music and have had lots of Guest Mixes and Premieres from people that we love check their Soundcloud out: