Clandestino 024 – Il Bosco

Clandestino 024 – Il Bosco

After checking through the Death By Repetition blog it amazed me that I had not wrote any blog posts on Clandestino !??! Quite possibly one of the finest mix series in the world at the moment and have had guests such as Alfos , Black Merlin , Reza Athar and Scott Fraser ! This latest mix by Il Bosco is just fantastic , Its just Spacey Disco all the way through with a Moroder/Cowley influence and there is also remix of the Units High Pressure days with a few other tracks by Todd Terje and Craig Bratley that I recognise.

Judging by some of the other mixes by Il Bosco Spacey Italo Disco seems to be his speciality and thats fine with me because his stuff is great , is also involved with Red Laser Records which looks a promising label and I look forward to hearing more stuff from them(if they want to send me any promos hint hint!!)

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