Club Bizarre – Thank You Followers Mix

Club Bizarre – Thank You Followers Mix

Club Bizarre were one of the first artists who were releasing mixes and tracks that convinced us to set up the blog and write about them and they have been on an upward spiral ever since!!

This latest mix is a celebration of the fact they have now reached over 2000 followers on Soundcloud !!

We will let the music do the rest of the talking ENJOY !!!



1 /Mugwump Feat.Raphael Lee “Doobie Shine Trouble”
2 /Double Knots “Remote Control Memory”
3 /Jackal’s Doom Disco “The Smell of Fear”
4 /Daniel T. “Edit Service 54”
5 /Shining Bird “Distant Dreaming”
6 /Polynation “Dew”
7 /S.R.Krebs “For LOsers”(Nadia Ksaiba Rmx)
8 /Iko & Gibb “Praying Mantis”(Thomass Jackson Rmx)
9 /Dionigi “Soft Machine”
10/Pumajaw “Mask”(Dimitri Veimar’s turtle Rmx)
11/Johnson “Until The Sun”
12/Joie Noire “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”
13/Antoni Maiovvi “Love Magnetic”
14/Daniele Baldelli “Lowride”
15/Cannibal Ink “Le Petit Prince”(Alvaro Cabana Rmx)
16/Maxime & Remain “Lost It”(Johnson Rmx)
17Headman Feat.Rosie “Dona Dub”
18/Club Bizarre “Kuma”
19/Thomass Jackson “For The Junkies”
20/Weval “Detian”
21/Mallorquin “Slow Hot Confetti”
22/Johnson “Allover”
23/PBR Streetgang & X-Press2 “Cosine”
24/Init “Talking About Talking”(C.P.I. Rmx)
25/Sex Judas “Big Sex Thing”(Tim Paris Rmx)
26/Sebastien Tex “Sway In Stones”(Il Est Vilaine’Chapati’Rmx)
27/Unknow Artist “Ak Pook”(I-Robots Edit)
28/Club Bizarre Rmx
29/Unknow Artist “Yam Kaz”(I-Robots Edit)
30/Tantra “A Place Called Tarot”(Idjut Boys Re-Edit)