Duncan Gray – Proper Bogan EP

Duncan Gray – Proper Bogan EP

Play Pal Music’s next release is from chugmaster Duncan Gray !! Opening track “Proper Bogan” is trademark Duncan Gray with a chunky live bassline and lots of spacey melodies flying about the track !

“The Twelfth Day” is a more down tempo spacey Italo track which would work well as a warm up track !

Here is the preview ENJOY !!


Excellent remix collaboration from Kezokichi and Teniente Castillo !!


Also features an absolute Techno beast of a remix from Id!r of “The Twelfth Day” and a very up tempo remix of “Proper Bogan” from Peza !

Amevicious also provides a more laid back funky remix of The Twelfth Day” so all in all an excellent release with lots of variety in the remixes !! ENJOY!!



Available to buy on Juno now!!