Duncan Gray – Proper Bogan EP

Duncan Gray – Proper Bogan EP

Play Pal Music’s next release is from chugmaster Duncan Gray !! Opening track “Proper Bogan” is trademark Duncan Gray with a chunky live bassline and lots of spacey melodies flying about the track !

“The Twelfth Day” is a more down tempo spacey Italo track which would work well as a warm up track !

Here is the preview ENJOY !!


Excellent remix collaboration from Kezokichi and Teniente Castillo !!


Also features an absolute Techno beast of a remix from Id!r of “The Twelfth Day” and a very up tempo remix of “Proper Bogan” from Peza !

Amevicious also provides a more laid back funky remix of┬áThe Twelfth Day” so all in all an excellent release with lots of variety in the remixes !! ENJOY!!



Available to buy on Juno now!!