Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific

Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific EP

Greeen Linez “Hibiscus Pacific” has just been released on the very new and exciting New York based label Alliance Upholstery. Having had such nice weather over the weekend I have been looking to include tracks on the blog that are perfect for this type of weather and this EP certainly fits the bill!!

The original track has a very laid back groove and has a great drum sound that reminds me of Loose Ends Hanging on a string or something from the Scar Face Soundtrack !!

The remix of the track by the Sorcerer is lovely as well with extra percussion and some gorgeous guitar at the end that reminded of the tones of The Durutti Column.

The Moon B remix has more of a Chicago house vibe and this would also be perfect for the start of a summer time set !

The final remix is by Jacques Renault and this takes the track down a darker route with a pulsing sub bass and spacey vocal stabs !

A very strong EP that is must listen for fans of The Revenge, Starion Todd Terje and classic Mafia movie Soundtracks!!!

Here is a preview of the tracks:






You can purchase the EP here