Guest Mix 2 Alvaro Cabana

Guest Mix 2 Alvaro Cabana

Guest Mix 2 comes from Alvaro Cabana who we wrote about last year and its full of quality dark hypnotic Disco that I am sure you will enjoy !

Quoting from man himself describing the mix “It’s a half and hour mix with some forthcoming tracks from my own label and some not so new tracks that i still love”

His label is called “Rotten City Records” and will be vinyl only (limited copies of 300) and the first release will be later on this year !There will be some exciting acts on the release schedule such as David Shaw and the Beat and Tronik Youth!! Cant wait to hear them!!

Have to say thanks very much to Alvaro for recording the mix !

Art work for this month comes from David Cronenburg’s ideas for the Total Recall movie which was never made !



Here is the tracklist :

1-Edit Service 31-by Alvaro Cabana
2-Abstraxion-Inuit-Biologic Records
3-Rude 66-Answers Always Come On Dreams-Bordello A Parigi
4-Alan Hurst-Parallel Sensations (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)-Emotional Response
5-Mazing Vids-Cities Of The Plain (Zoovox Remix)-Lectric Sands Records
6-Gazeebo-Red Eye To Saturn (Garvin’s Raised On Jupiter Mix)-Gazeebo International
7-In Fields-Light Fingers-I’m A Cliche
8-Toby Neal-All The Things-Kraak Records
9-Iñigo Vontier-Fucked Up-Regith Records
10-Gatos Negros-Habanero-Rotten City Records
11-La Mverte-Through The Circles-Her Majesty’s Ship
12-Tronik Youth-Pain Relief-Nein Records
13-Paresse-The Night Before You Came (Craig Bratley Remix) -Magic Feet
14-Fernando-Up In The Air-Gomma
15-Tronik Youth-Los Pollos Hermanos-Rotten City Records
16-Matthew Dear-Little People (Black City) (Mark E Remix)-Ghostly International
17-Jimi After-Looking Glas Feat. Gina Olafson-Astro Lab Recordings
18-The KVB-Dayzed (Regis Version)-Cititrax