Guest Mix and Interview – Andy Buchan

Our next Guest Mix and Interview comes from Andy Buchan!!

In the last year or so he’s a name that has just kept popping up on my radar with quality remixes and DJ sets so we are delighted to get him down for a mix and a chat!

Andy Buchan has become one of the most consistent names in the disco and edit scene for the past few years with chart-topping releases on dozens of disco-fried labels including Peppermint Jam, Hot Digits, Midnight Riot, Paper Disco and more.

Here is his mix TURN IT UP LOUD!

Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk
Andy Buchan – Need To Think (Citizens Of Vice)
Ubblakhan – Odyssey (Art Of Tones Remix)
TERR – Tale of Devotion (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Puzique – Don’t Go
Michael Gray (Official) – Voyage
Mix & Fairbanks – Shergar’s Revenge
Hoochie Coochie Papa – Work Me Body (Andy Buchan Remix)
Storken – Little Vals
DJ T – Funk on You (Putsch 79 Mix)
Marie Davidson – Work It (Soulwax Remix)

Here is the Interview!

When did you first get into Djing / Production?

I started DJing properly when I moved out to Dubai in 2005. Only went for a year, and ended up getting married there, having 2 kids and staying for 11 years!

I’m an indie DJ at heart so I started an indie night that got pretty big, and started making edits to fit into my sets.

That’s when I first started making edits and that turned into making my own tunes. My first EP came out in 2012, and my 2nd EP got picked up by the Feel My Bicep blog which was pretty much made my year/decade 🙂

Since I moved back to Leeds 3 years ago, I’ve taken music making up a notch with lots of releases. This year I’ll be releasing mostly original music and keeping the edits for Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

What have been your main influences in music?

As I mentioned, I’m an indie boy – I discovered house music at Uni with cult Leeds nights like Back2Basics, Speedqueen and Technique.

That got me hooked on house music and since then I’ve gone into more disco, electronic territory. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have DJ’d alongside a pretty diverse bunch including Jazzy Jeff, Detroit Swindle, Mark Ronson, Todd Terje and Chase & Status, so I do like to move around the genres if I can.

But if you look at my edits and originals, they hopefully have a range of influences, but there’s definitely an indie energy in there.

What Dj equipment do you use?

Ideally Nexus CDJs but I’ll use whatever’s put in front of me. I’ve DJ’d a 5 hour set before using the internal mode on Serato on one deck, so think I can adapt pretty well if things go tits up! I started buying and playing vinyl this time last year (I was just CDs/USBs before) and that’s been a lot of fun.

What equipment do you use to make music?

Ableton, a good pair of headphones and a Midi keyboard. Properly basic set up, but I know it pretty well now.

Favourite venue to play?

Dubai 360

Ooh, well it would probably be 360 (pictured), an amazing open-air bar in Dubai that I ran nights at for 6 months and played dozens of times.

It’s closed now, but it was set on its own pier in the Arabian sea looking back to Dubai. Just a magic, magic place to play – and it had a Funktion 1 soundsystem. Playing sunset there was a thing of beauty!

Do you have an approach for making remixes?

I normally hone in on my favourite bit – might be the bass or melody or vocal. I’ll then play around with other synths, piano lines, guitars etc to turn it into my sound.

Drums are generally the last thing I do – that might be a weakness, but I’m always focussed on the melody and bass first. Once I’ve got the parts in place, I normally finish things quite quickly but getting that original idea can take a while!

Plans for this year? Releases, gigs etc?

I’ve got an EP coming out on Citizens of Vice soon – I’ve gone quite cosmic disco on it and am quietly proud of it.

Then I’m co-launching a new label Hot Gorilla in the Spring focussing on original disco/disco-house and heavily reworked edits. It’s a joint project with Conan The Selector and we’ve got 3 EPs done so far.

Tell us a little bit about the mix?

I went pretty electronic on the mix, this would definitely be the sort of mix that I’d play in a lights down low club. There are a couple of my new tunes in there, some lost classics and a few fairly new, upfront releases.

Peak time banger track?

This came out last year and still gets an airing whenever I’m playing later in the night. Proper peak time tackle.

Tune to start a set?

I do a lot of warm ups, so it’d normally be something low, slow and chuggy. Cheesy, I know as it’s my edit, but this has been working for me a lot recently

Tune to end a set?

Anything that’s a bit of a curveball usually works. This edit works every time – I added a Welsh male choir singing Blue Monday to the start. It takes about 20 seconds for people to realise what’s going on, and by the time they do, it’s just about to kick in.

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