Guest Mix – Popsneon

Fresh from our Premiere of his track “This Town Forever” we now have a guest mix from the fabulous POPSNEON!!

The mix is a lovely blend of styles from Disco, Indie, Funk and House TURN IT UP LOUD!!


1. Save The World by Dawn ft.Tiger by Popsneon

2.Exam Stress by Popsneon

3.Get Up Brothers Edit.
By. The Secret Soul Society

4. You are Whatcha are ft. Tiger
By Popsneon (Studio 31 Remix)

5. Blind Man Boogie by The Penny Winterbottom Quartet.

6. This Town Forever ft. Huw Costin by Popsneon ( Torn Sail Remix)

7. Five Kings (Edit) by Unknown Treasures

8. The Detroit Sky is Burning by The Secret Soul Society.

9. First True Love Affair by Jimmy Ross

10. Hot Summer Nite by Love Club (Studio 31 Edit)

11. Fantasy Machine by Fantasy Machine ( Studio 31 Edit)

12. San Fran Rays by Neon Heights.

13. Scared of my Heart by Torn Sail.