Guest Mix – Ryan Hamblett – Shapes

Well as you know we do mixes from people all over the world but we do also like to support our local scene as well so today’s Guest Mix is from Ryan Hamblett!

His club night Shapes has hosted some fantastic nights over the years including a few sets from myself! The night that Slam played at our local venue the Fubar was legendary!

This mix is a 2 hour beast full of bangers TURN IT UP LOUD!!

A little bit about Ryan:

DJing since 2006, Ryan’s dj sets can feel the influence of his love of house, techno and 80s dance music.

Having then starting his own club night in 2015 ‘Shapes’ to which guests have included Jasper James, Hammer, Harri and Domenic, Rebecca Vasmant, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Big Miz, Liam Doc, Alan Fitzpatrick, Gary Beck and Slam to name a few.