Headman/Robi Insinna – Reworks

Headman/Robi Insinna – Reworks

Headman’s music has always been something that we have loved at Death By Repetition and this compilation of Reworks is just fantastic! It has a mixture of songs some of which we are familiar with and some of them are new to our ears !

Some of the highlights:

The rework of “High Pressure Days” by The Units is just beautiful its one of my favourite versions of this track !

“Last Call” is a brilliant Italo/Electro crossover!

“Nice” is another Funky Italo tune which I just love the breakdown around 3 minutes!

The stand out track on the release has to be “The Years(Go By)” which features vocals from the fantastic Fred Ventura!!

The whole release including limited edition 7″ Inch vinyl will be available on Bandcamp 24th June if you want to pick up a copy and you can listen to and pre order music from this player below !! TURN IT UP LOUD !!