Heretic Curse EP

Heretic Curse EP

Last month we wrote a piece on Tim from Eskimo Twins new side project Heretic with his Geodesic EP on Days of Being Wild that EP was great but this new EP “Curse” takes his sound to another level completely! WOW!!

Like Clouded Vision’s last releases they are progressing the sound to a darker and bigger sound and Heretic is going the same way as the 4 tracks on this EP would smash any party anywhere !Each tune is laced with dark acid basslines , with mean percussion and crazy breakdowns !

The best tune on the EP for me is the original mix of “Sharia Law” reminds me of classic Acid tracks like Josh Wink’s higher state of conscience only a lot heavier and modern sounding , it just keeps getting heavier and heavier as the tune progresses would love to hear this out at the Subclub !

The EP also features quality remixes from Club Bizarre and XY-ME which take the originals in a different direction !

This EP is released on the exciting label Adobe , I look forward to hearing some more of their releases in the future

Put Sharia Law on and TURN UP LOUD!


Heretic also recorded a promo mix recently check it out as well :