I-Robots – Guest Mix and Interview

I-Robots – Guest Mix and Interview

Very very excited to have I-Robots on our blog for a guest mix and interview !!!

Here is the mix TURN IT UP LOUD!!


Here is the interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am a D.J., Producer, Label Manager, Art Director, Records Trader & Collector.
I started to collect records in the early 80s then after a few years I started djing, around 1984.
I have an eclectic attitude in the music selections so i performed in different kind of venues from clubs and discos to disco-bars and various alternative venues.
I was also a local promoter in Italy and an event organizer managing live concerts and DJ performances and I had a little experience as a music journalist and radio dj during the 90s.
I have been collecting music since the early 80s and now I live with 30,000 vinyls (but I appreciate cd media as well).
I collect 80s Synth Electro Wave & Pop, New Wave, Post Punk, Rock Blues, Alternative Rock, Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, 70s/80s Electronic, Soul-Funk, Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Brazilian, Batucada, Samba, 80s Italo Disco, 70s/80s USA Disco, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Indie Dance, Disco, Nu-Disco, Re-Edits, Library Music, Afro Beat, Percussions, Cosmic Sound, Old School Rap, Hip-Hop, Electro, Sounndtracks, Soul Disco, 90s Global House.

How did the name I-Robots come about?

I-Robots is short for Italian Robots. Since I was a teenager i have loved Robots/Space Anime & Manga and i still collect Japanese Chogokin from Popy, Bullmark & Nakajima brands but also vintage objects like led calculators, Polaroid cameras, Radios, Hi-Fi gadgets, records of course but also Lamps and orange stuff….
I decided to use this name initially in 2002 as the title of the demo of my “Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics” compilation that was released by Irma Records two years after in 2004.
My fantasy was that the early 80s electronic equipment, like drum machines, synths and computer were the robots that would serve humans/artists to make futuristic robotic music.
So it made sense to put together all my youth history and background in the artists name I-ROBOTS.

Any advice to give to aspiring DJs and bands?

One of the big problems we have these days in the music scene and market is that not everybody has a rich background and not are not even trying to develop it… also not everybody is open minded or has the same sensibility…
I can only suggest to never forget our musical roots and to express ourselves with an awareness of the rich musical background we come from.
Never ignore where we all come from…. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s gave us an immense sound culture from which to find inspiration.
We all could have a great ideas without being rich, heroes or stars so be open minded and believe in yourself.

When did you learn to DJ and produce music ?

I’m not a musician and I’m not an studio engineer. I am just a D.J. with a large background also as a record collector so this is what is giving me the chance to collaborate actually with 3 different teams in 3 different studios with special friends and talents that are able and patient enough to follow my ideas and directions.
All projects started by my ideas and I’m essential in the major production moments like the sound choices, the editing ,the mix and to add special samples… I have to thanks all of them for understanding me and making everything happen.

What do you use to produce such as software/hardware?

We work across 3 studios and it depend on the projects we are working on.

Favourite DJs you have seen live ?

Derrick May
Keith Worthy
Omar S
Rick Wilhite
Culoe De Song
Prins Thomas
Radio Slave
Kuniyuki Takahasi
Daniele Baldelli

Favourite places that you have played?

Basement Club – Hong Kong
Premuin Sofa Club – Hong Kong
Golden Bar – Macau
Titos – Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Pacha – Palma De Mallorca, Spain
BCM – Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Pacha – Ibiza, Spain
333 – London
DEMF – Detroit
Kappa Futur Festival – Turin, Italy
Movement Torino Music Festival – Turin, Italy

Name 3 of your favorite producers and your favorite track of theirs ?

I also reworked all of these tracks as I-Robots this is why were listed here:
S’Express – Funky Killer – Rhythm King Records
Rhythim Is Rhythim/Derrick May – Emanon – Transmat
Infiniti – Game One – Metroplex

Giorgio Moroder – Utopia – Me Giorgio – Oasis/Casablanca
Gaznevada – I.C. Love Affair – Italian Records
N.O.I.A. – Stranger In A Strange Land – Italian Records

Talk about some more influences:

I started to be interested in the Dance Music in the early 80s following Synth Pop & Italo Disco but a few years after I discovered the Afro-Funky-Disco-Cosmic scene that was strong in Turin; from the mid 80s i was much focused in the second “golden age” of Hip-Hop (Rap & Electro Boogie) and Rare Grooves (Soul-Funk & Jazz-Funk, Latin, Bossa, Library Music) together with the Chicago Acid/Jackin’ House & early Detroit Techno. During the 90s Acid Jazz and after the Drum’n’Bass scenes opened the doors to me to start again with global Techno and House… I grew up with all these roots so this is why i prefer to have an eclectic set and to keep my label and my productions with the same vision…

Name 5 of your favourite tracks:

Captain Torkive – Flying Saurcers/Krypton – Ponzo Records
Ahzz – New York’s Movin’ (Instrumental) – Land Of Hits
A. Avenue – Golden Queen (Instrumental) – Discover Records
The Guazz’s Band – Tuesday Night (Instrumental) – Discover Records
Ego Neco – You + I ? (Instrumental) – Babalù Records

Future plans?

It will be an important season for I-Robots & Opilec Music.
I will be seriously busy in the studio to finalise several projects.
The label will still show it’s eclectic vision supporting also young talents and as always keeping an eye open to the past to relaunch some rare gems to rework.

Here a little list of the I-Robots planned much relevant releases:

I-Robots – Nippon E.P. Series (I-Robots Reconstructions of selected Japanese artists tracks)
I-Robots pres.: Ron “DJ Skull” Maney – Chicago 1990… (I-Robots selection & Reconstructions on the Djax-Up-Beats DJ Skull catalog)
I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics (The Remixes) (my debut 2007 album totally reworked from international artists: Kuniyuki, Mr. Raoul K., Gary Martin-Teknotika, Los Hermanos Detroit, Baldelli & Dionigi, Harry Dennis (The It-Jungle Wonz), Santiago Salazar, Djambe Monks and more…)
I-Robots – ‘Dirty Talk’ ft. Donna McGhee (European Connection E.P.) (incl. Radio Slave remixes)
No More – Green Lantern (I-Robots selection and reconstructions from the classic kult synth goth German band catalog)
I-Robots pres. Jordan Fields : The Sound Of Chicago 86-91 – The Lost Trax
Billy Bogus – Glamouflage (incl. I-Robots & Inflagranti remixes + an I-Robots bonus track)

Tell us a little bit about the mix you have recorded for us ?

It is an eclectic journey through Up Tempo Disco/Nu-Disco with a housey concept.

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