Id!r – Heart Made Of Stone EP

Id!r – Heart Made Of Stone EP

Id!r – Heart Made Of Stone EP is the latest release on Days Of Being Wild !As regular readers will know its one of my favourite labels and this EP by Id!r keeps the same quality and sound that I have come to expect from the label !

For me the track “Heart Made of Stone” is the highlight of the EP with its driving phaser/flanger bassline which filters in and out of the track, there is also some delightful synth stabs throughout which would just wipe you out on a big soundsystem ! Dark and sinister just the way we like it !!!

There is also a remix of the track by blog favourites The Eskimo Twins which makes the original track a little bit heavier and has a very spacey breakdown as well!!Could also see this version getting played a lot as well !

The other tracks “Wandering Dog” and “Purple Days” are dark rolling techno tracks that are also very good and I could imagine this EP getting played by the likes of Magda and Matt Walsh !


At the moment it is vinyl only with a Digital release to follow in the future here is the preview :