Interview and Guest Mix – Emma de Sèze

Interview and Guest Mix – Emma de Sèze

Emma de Sèze has very kindly agreed to record a guest mix and take part in an interview for Death By Repetition !!

Here is the guest mix :


Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I live in france, not so far from Paris.
I’ve studied graphic design and i’m actually studying electroacoustic music.
Always between images, noises, forms and sounds.

Tell us a little bit about the mix ?

I wanted to go from unusual sounds, like the begging « Love at the Swimming Hole » to more deep and dancing stuff. I think i’m going up and down all the way.

Any advice to give to aspiring DJs?

Take it slow, bring your own tastes.

When did you learn to DJ and produce music ?

I learn in my room with vinyls when i was 17 !
I used to go out in Belgium nightclubs at the time and they had a real techno culture.
I started to dig music, go to the record shop that was fun !
After a few years i discover Live and started to produce with the help of internet.

What do you use to produce such as software/hardware?

I work mainly on Live with a lot of softwares. And i record machines, i’ve got an electribe, some shruthis from mutables instruments. I also got access to other synth, a juno 1 and a yamaha dx7 … But my favorite piece is a theremin !

Favourite DJs you have seen live ?

I’m a big fan of Magda !

Favourite places that you have played?

Hard to say it’s always a different experience.
But i’ve got really good memories from Italy and Spain !

Name 3 of your favourite producers and your favourite track of theirs ?

Bozzwell – In My Cocoon

Chloé – One ring circus

Marc Pinol – Monotony in Germany

Name 3 of your favourite tracks

Felix Kubin – morgenröte

The cramps – i can’t hardly stand it

Mica Levi – Lonely Void

Name 3 tracks you currently play out

Genius Of Time – science fiction

Ambivalent – Boite Diabolique (No Preview available)

Lokier – Voyages of troubles (No Preview available)

Future plans?

I’ve just released a ep on Racecar « Draculabold », with remixes from people i like included HiEM, Federico Leocata and TL. I plan on releasing new weird stuff soon !