Interview and Guest Mix with Gabriel Ferreira

Interview and Guest Mix with Gabriel Ferreira

Gabriel Ferreira is someone that I have became familiar with through his releases on the Items and Things label and also he played in Scotland at a night called Creepy Finger ! We are very happy to announce an interview AND guest mix on Death By Repetition from him !!

Here is the mix  TURN UP LOUD!!:


Here is the interview:

Where are you based ?

Hello everyone! After the recent tour in Europe, I returned again to my studio in Buenos Aires to finish my latest projects, and to look after Ninefont. It’s my favorite place, my home, where everything you think and feel is transformed into music. I feel really happy when I return to this place.

What made you get into music ?

It was many years ago, in 2005, when I acquired some analogue electronic instruments and some basic software for production. With the help of my brother Javier, who already had knowledge, I started producing my own sounds.  My first productions were very successful and were ones with much impact, so everything was even more fun from the start. Making tracks is a hobby, I will always consider it that way, I think it is the birthplace of a dj, what each should take as a first step in this race, feel the music and be spontaneous with their ideas.

Tell us a little bit about the guest mix ?

This was a special mix for you, because in it you can hear something that represents me as a producer. It has tracks known as “Paradiso” or “en dehors” and new tracks to launch soon in Ninefont.

Are you still releasing music with Items and Things ?

Yes, I´m in constant contact with all the crew of I & T. Week after week I send my own projects and new releases of my label. Magda, Marc and Troy are very good people, have always given me the greatest respect and accessibility to various proposals from myself. I think “Good Trip EP” had a great repercussion the last year and people continue talking about this one. For all this and for the confidence in my music, I hope to launch my third EP on his label, probably next year.

Tell us about Ninefont?

Ninefont is armed with my brother Javier project some years ago. Represented as a “label” with all our ideas about music. We believe that talent prevails above all, it is why we are constantly searching for new ideas, fresh music to draw the attention of the public. As always our mission statement says: “Ninefont is focused to distribute and display in different and non-common styles, blending techno, minimal, house and downtempo too. The main objective is highlight the artist’s creative side, to supporting and Promoting them, not only to impose Their tracks in different rankings, but also to obtain real acknowledgement for our artists, meaning for them actual placement in the international electronic music scene”.

Favourite release so far on the label

I think the recent EP by Remain, “Troubles EP”, “Paradiso EP” (by me) and “Split 1 EP” (one of the last works released in the label by Dryclap and Skelesys) are my favourites.

When selecting artists for your shows and releases how do you go about it?

In principle we rely on the artist’s idea, we seek things that stand out and things which dislodge our ears. We don´t like copies, we highly value the uniqueness of each producer, we continually seek every track we focus on a story. If the tracks gives us all this, we release an EP, no matter who the artist. It is hard work, but often funny. The essence in the Ninefont´s parties is to focus on the strange Techno music and the free dancing by each of the people that like this style…..

Name 5 of your favourite tracks that you have made?

Gabriel Ferreira – En Dehors (Original Mix)

Gabriel Ferreira – Paradiso (Original Mix)

Gabriel Ferreira – Acid Punk (Original Mix)

Gabriel Ferreira – Sill (Original Mix)

Remain – Dramona (Gabriel Ferreira Remix)

Name 5 tracks that you currently love ?

Skelesys – Adversory (Original Mix)


Remain – Bounty Hunting (Carreno is LB & Javi Redondo Remix)


Claro Intelecto – Remember (Original Mix)

Chambray – Gheto Giatns


Melanie Massa – Post Fordism (Original Mix)  No preview available !


Talk about some of your influences?

Often the influence comes from where you least expect. I love classical music, music of the 80s, Rock, Pop, but bands like Kraftwerk, The Cure, Yello, Herbie Hancock, Radiohead and Gustavo Cerati have inspired me!

What releases , tours etc are coming in the next year?

I have some concerts in South American countries and throughout my country. Next year I will have a new tour of European concerts in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, and many more cities … As for releases I’ll be editing my next EP “Steap and Break” on my own label, Ninefont. It will be an EP consisting of 7 or 8 tracks, with many batteries, synthesizers and a different story to tell. It is something other than what comes out in the market lately … It came out of my brain and I want release it. Some say I’m crazy, but no matter, others may capture this music style, I hope you succeed.

Do you guys have a studio? if so what gear do you use?

We work in Delacoclea, with Javier, where not only we work on mastering, we have fun with all those teams we have. From there comes the masterings of Ninefont and most of my productions. We have similar instruments like Moog, Clavinet, Hammond, Premier APK drum, and many other tools we use to make this funny to the 100%. Also I use some extras Vsti or some another sofware… Today you can get a melody with the sound of a keys or some another strange sound of the real life … The Master of the Mastering is Javier, who dominates the compressors and equalizers!!! But yes, my tracks must be mastered by myself as I’m a perfectionist in finding my own sound.

Favourite Venues to play?

I love playing in European cities such as Berlin, Paris, Geneva, for quality of the clubs and sound. I love festivals like Lima by Faraway, where I´ll return to play this July 28, but I must emphasize that the best party atmosphere is in Buenos Aires, clubs such as Bahrain, Crobar and Mandarine represent currently my favorites.