An Interview with Moscoman

Moscoman – Interview

Moscoman is a DJ/Producer that I have just recently discovered through his remix that was on the Edit Select series released on I’m A Cliche ! I then got in contact with him and he was kind enough to give us an interview :

Where are you from and where do you live?

Israeli Born Tel Avivian raised , now living in Berlin.

How did you get into DJing, Producing , working with labels like I’m a Cliche etc?

It’s been a long journey pretty boring at the beginning but in the past couple of years our scene has changed and there was space for more “experimental” music, so I felt I could contribute something for it, the connection with I’m a Cliche was through Red Axes that they already had a release there, I’ve met Cosmo Vitelli when he came to DJ in Tel Aviv and one thing led to another as they say.

Tell us about your upcoming collaboration with Red Axes?

Our Collaboration for me it’s all part of our relationship, we try as much as we can to share music and thoughts with each other, we’ve been good friends before it all, and I’m sure we will be after it all (if there is an end). The released track was one of the products of a very late night jam we had a few months ago.

What do you use to produce music and how do you go about it?

To produce my music I use a DAW (Ableton)  but I try to record as much live instruments as I can, Drum machines, Guitars and Synths. Not that I think there is something wrong with VSTs or Midi, I just like playing with the machines, I think you should use whatever you have to make whatever you feel.

What are some of your influences ?

I guess I’m very 80’s electronic & rock guy so most of my music sound a little like it.  but I don’t really have a main influence on my music. I love listening to everything from 30’s swing , Krautrock to whatever, music is endless thank God.

Favourite venues to play in the world ?

Tel Aviv is the new favourite place to play in the world , for me its an all time one, can’t wait to go there and play soon, other than that I guess here in Berlin I have a lot of fun in clubs like Renate, Sisyphos and Kater Holzig.

I wish to play soon in London, Paris, Eastern Europe and all over.
When I get to Japan I’ll know I made it!

Upcoming gigs?

My next gig is Renate, Berlin at the 30th of November at Discos Capalanca Label night, if you don’t know it you should check it out.


5 tunes that you can listen to all the time ?

5 top old dance floor I can listen to all the time , I don’t believe in all time favourites


I still play them today !


More recent tunes that you like ?


If you like Moscoman’s music you should check his new E.P out as well its great or his Soundcloud