Jamie Paton – Bizarre Feeling EP

Jamie Paton – Bizarre Feeling EP

Was listening to a lot of new music during the festive period and this EP by Jamie Paton has been on repeat for the last week or so ! Jamie Paton is also one half of Cage and Aviary who have done remixes of Timothy Fairplay and Soft Rocks in the past.

For me the “Bizarre Feeling” EP instantly draws comparisons with the likes of New Order/Joy Division because of the guitar sound and overall production of the tracks !This is is not a bad thing as New Order/Joy Division are one of my favourite bands ! The tracks still sound very modern with a darker and heavier edge that would blow you away on a club sound system.

“Ju Know” is my favourite track on the EP its so funky and hypnotic and also has melodies and sounds that could be in a John Carpenter Soundtrack !Its a proper Slo-Mo Chugger!!!

Here is a playlist of the EP :

Enjoy !!