Johnson – Time Has Come EP

Johnson – Time Has Come EP

Johnson from Belgium is new to our ears at Death By Repetition however, La Dame Noir are not so if they are releasing his 1st EP then its got to be worth a listen!!

“Time Has Come” is an 8 track EP with 6 original productions from Johnson which are a lovely mix of Slow Dark Electro with haunting vocals which has shades of David Shaw and the beat ,
Remain , Lokier, Morgan Hammer , Depeche Mode and The Presets running through it!

Opening track “Allover” I have heard in mixes recently and I think it would be perfect to hear this in a club

“Until the Sun” is a lovely dark chugger of a track

“Wide Sun” is my favourite out of the original tracks really love the laidback groove and the vocals

Remain remixes the track “Allover” and takes it down a very dark route while it is almost against the law not to have Rich Lane’s fantastic remix of “Sick House” in your next mix!!!

Here is a preview of the EP TURN IT UP LOUD !!!!


You can purchase this EP from Beatport