Kotemusik Guest Mix

Kotemusik Guest Mix

Our next guest mix comes from Kotemusik!!! Our last mix of 2015 is full of Cosmic Dark tracks!!

Here is a little bit about him :


Is a DJ and a producer from Toledo with more than 25 years of experience in every major hall in the country. He has been also performing in foreign on several occasions.
He is one of the few that has accomplished to have his own and particular sounds, forged by hard work and a lot of effort at the studio, knowing what he wants and showing that at each one of his sessions and tracks. Full of charism, passion, and quality, he is able to surprise the most demanding ears of the actual musical scope.
If there are any pioneers in Toledo, Kotemusic is, without any doubt, one of them, and to learn from him is the best bet.

Labels: Traxacid Records Italy,Evolution Senses Spain,Small Rec Norway.

Genre: New Wave,Deep,trip,funk,Progressive/tech/techno & Psychodelic.