La Dame Noir – The Long Summer Compilation

La Dame Noir – The Long Summer Compilation

La Dame Noir are a label that we have featured a lot on this blog over the last year and this latest compilation is their most ambitious (and impressive) release so far !

Highlights of the compilation are :

Opening track “Infinite Spring” is a lovely opening track with its gorgeous vocals and laid back production.

“Get back to me” by Forty Fings Dynamo shows a softer side from his previous release 615 which is one of our favourite tracks of the year.

“Raro” is a very dark and creepy collaboration by Morgan Hammer and Fkclub which I could imagine being popular with the likes of Ivan Smagghe and Matt Walsh

“Gate 13” by Slow Porn is a proper slow chugger perfect for warm up sets .

“Flashes and Storm” by Haunted Strauss and Lokier produce a total spacey track with a driving bassline .

My favourite track of the release has to be “Fifth Season” by Fred Berthet it’s such a special slab of groovy space disco reminiscent of The Revenge and Tornado Wallace!

So all in all a very special compilation with a wide variety of tracks that should satisfy most tastes !!

Here is the preview :