PREMIERE – Doublure – Jerky Steps (Original Mix)

It’s time for a new PREMIERE!!

This one comes from Doublure on exciting new French label Gourmandisque!

The track “Jerky Steps” is a proper summertime House/Disco stomper!!


A little bit about the release:

Gourmandisque launches its first release « GMD 001 » composed by Doublure co-founder of the collective. Released date will be the 8th of May 2020.

With these 4 impetuous tracks, the EP revisits the universe of italo disco and dance music of the 80’s and 90’s, wavering between mythical synth sounds and powerful basslines.

1. Jerky Steps (Original Mix):
Oscillating between deep house and italo disco, Jerky Steps is made up of guitar riffs punctuated by bridges of aerial solos as well as synths arpeggios. Its composition mixes a dynamic acid bass with lustrous vocals, offering a techno and ascensional resonance.

2. Distorded Wheel (Original Mix):
At the border between italo disco and indie dance, Distorded Wheel is characterized by a recurring and dynamic rhythm. Its sharp synths and its circular melody recalls the motricity of a groove born from multiple frenetic percussions.

3. Vertical Way (Original Mix):
By mixing italo disco and new wave, Vertical Way is a breath of fresh air that lifts us towards the heavens by aerial and scintillating pads as well as a soft and progressive melody. Its synths overlays and graded basses produce a contemporary and harmonious dynamic.

4. Immersive Bush (Original Mix):
Between deep house and tech house, Immersive Bush is an immediate dive in a wild and breathless atmosphere. Its punchy and modular bass offers an intense immersion in the mysterious world of the living.

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