PREMIERE Ed Mahon – A Brighter Day (Ed’s Piano Reprise) [Sprechen]

The sun is shining as I type this out which is perfect timing for our new PREMIERE!

A lovely little piano number (can we call it Balearic!?) from Ed Mahon called “A Brighter Day”!! This track is part of the Sprechen release “Edgy Future Discotheque Vol 2” and is out on 10th June!

Lie back close your eyes and TURN THIS UP LOUD!!

The first Edgy compilation was a cracker and this one is no different!

A little bit about the tracks in release:

There’s sun seeking balearic goodness from Cowbell Radio host Ed Mahon with the beautiful ‘A Brighter Day’. Ivan Fabre drops an 80’s neo-disco not disco chugger on ‘Incursions’, Indigo Jung serves up a jacking soulful house number on ‘For Real’. Solid State goes for peak time heads down goodness on ‘Tonite’. DJ Steevo goes right in for some straight up dance floor on ‘Heroes Funk’. Oh and there’s also some amazing & unique UK Garage style shenanigans from Norway by way of Trudee Note and ‘Dreams of Revenge’.

Ed Mahon Soundcloud