PREMIERE – Gabriel Ferreira – Cosmic – Maleza

We are going to take you on a bit of a musical journey with our new PREMIERE! The track “Cosmic” is from our old friend Gabriel Ferreira!

The track in question takes you through a very dark hole which just sucks you into another world when the bassline kicks in!


It is part of the EP “Pulsiones, Vol. 01” which is being released on Maleza who are based in Argentina!

You can pre order on Beatport with the release on June 10th:

A little bit about the EP:

‘Pulsiones’ arrives by reinventing once again the sound of Maleza, and showing that we are not locked up in disco music.
Don’t try to tag it because every delivery is different and this time is no exception.

In this compilation, we turn to mathematical beats and give an example of our most atypical music.

As we start we get ourselves in the mood with ‘Bear on Weed’. A sophisticated trip-hop track where Nico Cano teaches us how to warm up in the south. Sparkling Hi Hats, a meticulous work on the snare and a delicate harmony take us on this new journey through the universe of Maleza.

We continue with Dj Braver and his classic and iconic melodies, this time on a clear groove with a great contribution of his jazzbass. ‘Desde Maleza’ is a creative song, composed from the irony of what it can be like to spend a birthday in quarantine.

The four to four kicks, the stabs in unexpected steps, and the classic and correct question-answer that he proposes during the ride, changing the instrumentation on each lap are some of the items that Douglas Firth plays with in his mysterious presentation with ‘Bong Tester’.

Gabriel Ferreira does not fuck around with his synthesizers. ‘Cosmic’ offers a new sonic and ultra-detailed work of audio. Only four minutes to generate a state of great atmospheric character and give us a piece as cinematic as real. Once again, Gabriel shares his skill in beats for everyone.

Dj Ocio is our acclaimed addition. His single ‘Mañana Siempre es Mejor’ was produced few years ago. When we met and listened to it, we couldn’t believe how well it went with the music scene of the moment. This music was always latent, and we cannot say otherwise because fans will hate us, but now we are sure that the Garage is on fire.

In the artwork, our king illustrator Cuernolobo continues creating original images and characters inspired by the sounds of each release. This time, the complexity of the meticulousness makes it impressive, and maintains the premise that a good work is always the one done to the full.

Mastering by Balam.

Maleza Soundcloud

Gabriel Ferreira Soundcloud

Gabriel did one of our very first guest mixes a few years ago:
Deathbyrepetition – Guest-mix-8-gabriel-ferreira-live-set