PREMIERE – Massey Vs Sir Horatio – Music Control (Sink Ya Teeth Remix)

Well we have a very special PREMIERE today!

As you know we are big big fans of what Chris Massey and Sprechen do so its giving us great pleasure to be hosting a track from their new EP “Music Control” which features someone from a special band that you might have heard of before…. A CERTAIN RATIO!!

The track we are hosting is an acid funk melter from Sink Ya Teeth! TURN THIS UP LOUD!!

Press release:

Limited run of vinyl with screen printed sleeves, hand stamped centres, lyric poster insert & each individually numbered!

For our second foray into the vinyl world, label head Massey joins forces with Sir Horatio, ‘a certain’ band from Manchester on collaboration cut ‘Music Control’.

The result is a meeting of musical minds that blends together both parties favoured sounds to create a squelchy sandwich of post disco/proto house with a healthy helping of acid & punk funk which should appeal to fans of mucky basements and cosmic mosh-pits.

On board for the remix ride are Manchester’s very own ‘Prince in a Bergahus’ collective, See Thru Hands who lean heavy on the funk and take art deeper into the cosmos whilst the Sink ya Teeth ladies strip things back and go straight for the warehouse with a sparse funk rework that features their own additional vocals with additional acieeeeed!