PREMIERE – Night Giants – Hold On Tight

Our first Premiere of the year comes from Night Giants!! They are pretty new to our ears but they are on one of our favourite labels in Sprechen so we know they come with a quality guarantee! The EP is released on June 3rd and you can get it from here:

We are hosting the title track of their new EP “Hold On Tight” and I have to say it reminds me a lot of Chemical Brothers (Star Guitar era) and Cut Copy!

Here is the track TURN IT UP LOUD!

“Love Someone” is a future anthem perfect for the summer and could see a lot of DJ’s playing this at the end of a set. Turns into a bit of a banger by the end of it!

Here is a video for another track off the EP “Love Someone”

“Dissipate” is the other original track off the EP which builds and builds has a bit more of an electro clash sound to it and brings back memories of the Japanese Popstars (remember them!?)who I used to love.

The rest of the EP is great as well with fantastic remixes from Chris Massey , John Da Silva and Mike Simonetti.

Chris Massey’s remix of “Love Someone” which takes the track down a darker vibe and uses less of the vocal! Would sound excellent in a club!

Mike Simonetti’s remix of “Dissipate” keeping the vibe of the original but adding in some dirty SH101 style basslines at the end!

John Dasilva’s remix of “Hold On Tight” totally turns the original on its head and turns it into an acid house banger!!

Some more of Night Giants tracks: