PREMIERE – Pablo and Shoey – Do It Backwards (Vocal Mix)

Our next PREMIERE comes from Pablo and Shoey!!

The sounds of dirty Dublin basements are present here by way of Pablo & Shoey’s Do it Backwards E.P.

Here is the track TURN IT UP LOUD!!

Usually behind cut up disco edits, the guys have gone straight for the subterranean fist pumpers on their Sprechen debut with 2 (ok, 3!) back to back beasts!

Title track is all kinds of loose sounding sounds that are slightly glued together with a wonky as heck bassline that perfectly paves the way for a wicked disco-esque looped breakdown before slamming back in. Serious 3am tackle!

Shoey’s Acid Trip is a peak time, hands aloft, laser reacher – acid preacher style slammer that builds like a bastard with it s almost Norwegian disco style pad work & synth sounds before breaking with a catchy/predictable ‘plinky plonky’ lead line that should be cheesy & naff but it works like a total MF!

Pablo drops an air dub makeover of Do It Backwards where he drops the main vocal in favour of some sexy siren action to ensure a devastating dance floor weapon for hose that are shy of the vocals.