PREMIERE – Wolfstream – Am I Right (La Mverte Remix) [Playground Records]

Our next PREMIERE comes one of our favourite labels Playground Records! It is part of the fantastic Wolfstream EP “Eastwood” which will be released on February 25th!

The track we are hosting is called “Am I Right” and this has been remixed by La Mverte who provides a dark gothic remix of the original track!

Here is the track TURN IT UP LOUD!

Press release:

‘Eastwood’ is the 25th launch of Playground Records, which arrives from Russia through the Wolfstream duo who gives us 4 originals plus two remixes, one by La Mverte and the other by Balam.

The Ep begins with ‘Vilnius’, a blow bounces while a bass riff keeps us in rhythm opposed to a synthesizer that creates suspense. We reach the threshold and the door opens, the guitar keeps us in suspense, the cursed melody appears and makes us enter while the portal closes.

A new landscape of changing colors amazes us. ‘Vilnius’ is no longer ‘Vilnius’, it is a planet of mysteries that move lightly and gracefully. We come and we are amazed but this rhythm continues without fatigue, the whistled melody moves away and we will miss it forever.

We will never be the same. Sympathy for the devil, love for the strong bass, weakness for the detuned toms. ‘Eastwood’ is a forest of strange lumbers, of barks that dry and fall, of leaves that reflect the sun in silver and gold foliage.

A mountain valley where sounds create mystery and joy at the same time. ‘Eastwood’ is a town where no one remembers the names of the streets, where memory does not count because time is worthless. ‘Eastwood’ is the place where lost souls go looking for consolation.

It’s time for ‘Horses’, a summer breeze that comes from the sands of a distant desert and comes to sneak down your balcony. The snake dance begins and the window fabrics fly inflated. Drums,percussions, guitars and synthesizers make a mantra of dreams that surround us and lead us bareback on wild horses for a crusade of lysergic steppes to remote destinations.

The litter of originals closes wondering ‘Am I Right?’ between clouds of resonant modulations which fall into a disturbing voice and the groove of a provocative bass traces the path to darkness. Hypnotic rock for demanding ears.

The first remix comes from the hand of a member of the Playground family, the Argentine Balam who puts ‘Eastwood’ into what appears to be a jungle of outer space, the percussions argue with the bass while a macabre synthesizer plays with us. Voices appear as calls from other worlds. Acid modulations jump to the scene, the track is out of control, madness takes everything around.

This release closes with the version, of the French La Mverte, of ‘Am I Right?’ who moves the panorama to the darkest streets of the cold wave with voices from satanic churches which bathe the track of mistery.

A very low bassline marks the pulse. Synthesizers in epic pads format invade the place. The battery hits hard. Now even Gothan city is in danger.