Headman is a DJ/Producer that I have followed ever since I properly got into electronic music in the early 00’s and as soon as I discovered that they were involved with a label called Relish Recordings I have taken a keen interest in their output which has been top notch !

This latest EP features a rework of the classic “High Pressure Days” by The Units which keeps the originals groove and sounds but makes it a little heavier and trippy.

The best track on the EP for me is the remix “Masimbabele” I am pretty sure that this track has been getting played by Weatherall and Club Bizarre for the last 2 years and its great that it finally will be released ! The track is just excellent with a very Italo Disco Riff reminiscent of Moroder and Sylvester with a slightly more modern production !

“No G.D.M” by Gina X gets the quality remix treatment from Headman and Red Axes , one of the reasons I like both of those artists is the fact they use live bass in a lot of their tunes and this remix is no different !

The release date for the Digital release was 17th February so get it now!!

Heres a preview of the EP:


They have also recorded a promo podcast to celebrate the release of the mix and its pretty special!

Relish Recordings Podcast #5 by Headman / Robi Insinna