Remain – Troubles EP

Remain – Troubles EP

The Troubles EP is Remains latest release and surprisingly its not being released on his label Meant Records! Its actually being released on the new exciting label Ninefont which is run by Gabriel (Items and Things) and Javier Ferreira.

The original track “Troubles” is a spacey monster that would be perfect in an after party environment .. just at that time where your mind is starting to play tricks on you ! What I love about Remain’s productions is the use of live bass in a post punk style mixed with the weird sounds and funky drums and this track delivers on all those elements perfectly .

On remix duties for “Troubles” is another blog favourite Split Secs who produce a very slick remix of the title track with nice 808 and 909 sounding percussion.

The other original track “Dracoma” is another beast with its really growling(Moog?)bassline which builds to the breakdown and then smashes you once it drops back in think this track would smash most dancefloors!

On remix duties for “Dracoma” is Gabriel Ferreira and he keeps the feel of the original but changes the bassline tone slightly to make it even more heavy and dark (if that’s possible!)

So all in all an EP worth checking out if you are a fan of Remain, Click Box, Magda , Smagghe and labels such as Items and Things and Minus !

Here is the EP for you to listen to ENJOY IN A DARK ROOM!