Reza Athar – Next Monday’s Hangover Podcast

Reza Athar – Next Monday’s Hangover Podcast

Reza Athar is an Iranian born DJ who according to his Facebook is based in Nijmegen (Holland). He has recorded various top quality podcasts for the likes of Throne of Blood, Disko Selectors, Clandestino and Death Metal Disco Club !!!!Quite an impressive list!!

This podcast is for Next Monday’s Hangover and features everything that I love to hear in a mix from a slow spacey build up , funky grooves, dark basslines , techno, house and Disco. Unfortunately no tracklist but there are some tunes on it that I am sure you will recognise….

Here is the mix ENJOY!!


Throne of Blood podcast


Tracklist available for this one !

01. Brain Machine – Capricorn Rising (Spectral Empire Mix) [Emotional Response]
02. Patrick Cowley – Journey Home [Dark Entries]
03. Rude 66 – Answers Come Always In Dreams [Bordello A Parigi]
04. Javi Redondo – Lonely [Astro Lab Recordings]
05. Richard Sen &v Cazbee – If You Were [Mixed Blood Cuts]
06. Candyblasta – Hippocratic Oath (Drvg Cvltvre Dub Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
07. Good Guy Mikesh – On Patrol [Ellum Audio]
08. XY-ME – Fearless [Days Of Being Wild]
09. Duncan Gray – Deep Blue [Tici Taci]
10. Emile Strunz – See What You Get [Join Our Club]
11. Eskimo Twins – Skraeling [Astro Lab Recordings]
12. Kalidasa – Cosmic Dance [Tusk Wax]
13. Delect – 97 (Club Bizarre Mix) [Leonizer]
14. Reagan & Carter (feat. Eddie Lobo) – O (Part 1) (Antoni Maiovvi Mix) [Emeral & Doreen]
15. Iron Blu – The Protagonist [Vivod]
16. Black Merlin – New World Fantasy [Common Thread]
17. The Mansisters – Bullschnitzell (Jennifer Cardini “Road To Schnitzel” Mix) [Correspondant]
18. Danton Eeprom – Biscotto & Chimpanzee (Man Power Mix) [InFine Music]
19. Featureless Ghost – Body Pillow [Acoustic Division]
20. TNT Subhead – The Book Of Yes [Groovement]
21. Blancmange – The Western (Cage & Aviary “Nothing Is” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
22. Headman – IAC Edit Service 28 [IAC – Edit Service]
23. Sharif Laffrey – Turn It Up [Discos Capablanca]
24. Teeth Of The Sea – Sentimental Journey (Cage & Aviary “Wyld” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
25. i-Boat Captain – Major Spam (Almunia Mix) [Is It Balearic…?]
26. Miajica – Wild Barrabas [LGDZ]
27. The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks – Acid Fantasy (Khidja & Balabas “Electric Fantasy” Mix) [Golf Channel]
28. Mario Basanov – Machinarium [Best Kept Secret]
29. Fader – Frozen Shavings [Borneo Records]
30. Bot’Ox (feat. Mark Kerr) – Goodbye Fantasy (Moscoman Mix) [I’m A Cliché]


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