Sean Johnston – Guest Mix and Interview

Sean Johnston – Guest Mix and Interview

Well have we got a treat for you !!!

Delighted to present a Guest Mix and Interview from none other than Sean Johnston !!!

The music played at our first visits to A Love from Outer Space at the Berkely Suite and Caves struck a chord with us and was very instrumental in making us want to set up our website !

Also Love his productions as the Hardway Bros especially his remix of “Clock Chime” By Toy !!!

Here is the mix TURN IT UP LOUD !!


Tracklist added :

Beyond The Edge – Hardway Bros I’m A Cliche Edit
Sunburst – Sigward and Oliver Sudden – Hardway Bros Remix
Stephan Was A Nightliner – Hardway Bros
Burning Palms – Max Essa – Hardway Bros Remix
14.06.13 – Hardway Bros
Rocking Down The House – Adonis – Hardway & Tobias Unreleased Remix
Hardway Bros Meet The Prince (In Outer Space) – Hardway Bros
Episode of Love – Frederick – Hardway Bros Remix
Noise – Headman ft Scott Fraser & Douglas McCarthy – Hardway Bros Remix
Spooks – daWad & Mokic – Hardway Bros Remix
System Overload – Hardway Bros
React – Split Secs – Hardway Bros Remix
Vipere Lubrique – Markus Gibb – Hardway Bros Remix
The Nights – Alien Alien – Hardway Bros remix

Here is the interview :

What inspired you to become a DJ?

I can’t say that I was inspired to become a DJ – I was a music fan and a collector first. I found it hard to contain my enthusiasm and wanted to share my finds with anybody who was up for listening, it was a time before being a DJ was a thing to be inspired by. The craft came later.

Where’s the weirdest gig you have played?

A marble bathrooms showroom in Bucharest with Logan of HaulesBaules.

What’s the idea of your perfect gig?

A basement and a red light.

Are there any festival you haven’t played at but would love to and why?

I like to play at a festival as much as the next man but when they put DJ’s on a stage and it becomes a spectacle, something is lost. I prefer the gigs when you are down on the floor with the crowd.

What gigs are you most looking forward to playing at?

Just looking forward to the next one

What song do you play to get people on the dancefloor?

Right now the Apiento mix of Steve Cobby and Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over on International Feel

Favourite synth that you have ?

Korg DW 8000

Will we be hearing much from the Hardway Bros this year? We both love listening to your mixes especially the music for marina one.

I have a track coming out on Astrolab soon and a track on the forthcoming Slow Porn Compilation. Plus I’ve done remixes for daWad&Mokic, Heretic, Split Secs, Markus Gibb plus I’m working on a track with an amazing vocalist called Sarah Krebbs from Paris.

Do you have any specific routine for recording music and is there times you just like to jam and see what happens, or are you quite meticulous?

I’ve learned to be very focused as my time to work on music is limited. I like to jam the musical ideas first, work on sound design and balance and then arrange and mix.

Tell us a little bit about yourself how did you first get into Djing and producing?

I’ve always been fascinated by sound – it started with tape recorder experiments, then the music collecting and DJ’ing and the production was the next step. I was lucky that I had two friends who were both professional engineers so I was able to learn a lot.

Name a tune that you would consider a classic but is not that well known?

Sweet Mercy – Reach Out

How did you end up working with Andrew Weatherall?


Who’s the Hardway Bros and how did this come about?

The Hardway Bros are me, myself and I. It was once Jake Davies and myself but sadly he is M.I.A. WE were christened by a Craps Dealer in Las Vegas.

Have seen you a few times at Berkley Suite and Caves and they have always been awesome what other venues do you enjoy playing?

I pretty much always like playing music to people – can’t think of many when I didn’t enjoy it…

What was the first track you released on a label?

I worked with a band called Latitude who were the first release on Nude Records, the track was called Es La Rosa.

Describe playing in Glasgow. Do you find anything unique about Scottish crowds?

Playing in Glasgow – intense. The crowd – tough to please but once you crack it, loyal to the end. Sweaty.

Favourite drum machine / effects ?

Arturia Spark. Kush Audio UBK 1 Compressor

Do you get a chance to check out other DJs / Producers? If so who do currently like ?

Producers – Markus Gibb, FK Club, Craig Bratley,Steve Cook, DJ’s –Reza Athar, Marc Pinol, Morgan Hammer, Lokier, Logan Fisher, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Scott Fraser.

Future plans for this year?

To do better work

Name 3 of your favourite tunes of the year so far

Steve Cobby and Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over (Apiento and LX Mix)

Vox Low – Something Is Wrong

Prinzhorn Dance School – Reign (Shit Robot Remix)