Squarewave – Stalker EP

Squarewave – Stalker EP

Squarewave – Stalker EP is the latest release on Rock to the Beat records which is a French Label based in Montpellier which features Noar Wald, Steve Ekman and Markus GIBB!

Squarewave was actually one of the first artists that we wrote about on the blog last year with his release on Correspondant and its great to see him get better with every release as I feel that this release is his best yet in terms of song and production quality!

Each track is dark and gloomy with reverb soaked drums , pulsing basslines and hypnotic melodies … just the sound that I love !!!

The track “Stalker” is the highlight of the EP for me the chord progression is like a dreamy John Carpenter theme tune !

The EP also comes with top quality remixes from Catalepsia, Danny Benedettini and Steve Ekman which take each track in a different direction but still fit in perfectly with the vibe of the original tracks.

A great description of the EP is in the press release “To give you a main idea of this EP, imagine a futuristic Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer is found dead in the bathroom of a night club. ” 



His Substance mix is worth checking out as well !