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Le Bain presents Ivan Smagghe April 2015

Le Bain presents Ivan Smagghe April 2015 Ivan Smagghe doing what he does best in this mix live from Le Bain  nothing else to say really !!!

Trouw Live Podcast Series #14 – Ivan Smagghe @ HiFi 26-07-2013

Trouw is a fantastic club based in Amsterdam and the Live Podcast Series is just AMAZING!! If you get a chance you should check out the rest of the mixes in the series as there is some great ones especially the ALFOS one ! This latest mix is from a Death By Repetition favourite Ivan…

Ivan Smagghe – 6 Mix (2013-09-13)

Was thinking that there was no Ivan Smagghe on the blog and last night he records a mix for the BBC !! One of the best DJs around and also has his moustache is magnificent!!! Thanks to https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstobethedj for putting this mix up ! This mix has a bit of everything from really ambient tunes , guitar bands…