The Sonic Handshake Radio Show – Tici Taci and Heretic

The Sonic Handshake Radio Show – Tici Taci and Heretic

The Sonic Handshake Radio Show runs on the 2nd Sunday of the month 5 till 7 on Deepvibes it is run by DjDax and there are a lot of quality mixes on his soundcloud from the show available to listen to and download!

This latest mix features two very exciting producers and DJs who have been featured on our blog in Duncay Gray (Tici Taci) and Heretic (Also part of Eskimo Twins) doing what they do best which is a mixture of slo mo chuggers , spacey disco and eventually some melting techno all in the space of 2 hours !

The first hour or so is by Duncan and the second is by Heretic and features a couple of songs from his last EP which is dynamite!!

Here is the mix for your listening pleasure :


Also comes with a tracklist :

Tici Taci track list

1) Pale Green Trees (ticitaci 002)
2) Lychee / Tamarind (ticitaci 002)
3) Pear
4) Les What? (ticitaci 005)
5) Beeech
6) Revisiting the Flow
7) Catfish
8) Will Piercey – Jolt – tici taci mix (ticitaci 006)
9) Peach (ticitaci 003)
10) Proper Bogan
11) Fog my Clock (ticitaci 004)
12) Slidden
13) Deep Blue (ticitaci 003)
14) Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That – Cheeky McSqueaky Dub

Heretic track list
1. Professor Genius – Vista
2. Morgan Hammer and FKClub – Godspeed
3. Dark Stands – Basic Condition
4. Red Axes – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
5. Man Power – Parenthesis (Raudive Remix)
6. Mano Le Tough – Return To Yoz
7. Heretic – Geodesic (808 Club Mix)
8. Id!r – Heart Made of Stone (Eskimo Twins Remix)
9. Dimitri Veimar – Space Glue
10. Heretic – Sharia Law
11. AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch.D

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