The Two Mamarrachos – Interview and Guest Mix

The Two Mamarrachos – Interview and Guest Mix

The Two Mamarrachos are DR.BEAT Aka. Jaime Sagastibeltza and BORJA CAMPION and they are based in San Sebastian , Spain! They have kindly agreed to do a little interview for us and have recorded a guest mix which is our 50TH GUEST MIX!! Quite a landmark for us !!

Here is the mix ENJOY !!


Are you excited for your new release on Nein?

Yes we are very excited about this and the forthcoming release, including our future album… I Just Can Say thanks to all the crew from Nein, including dmc, ransom note, numb magazine, cowbell radio, Neil Parnell, Ian Considine, Rosallia Ferrara etc..

Tell us a little bit about the mix ?

The mix that  we have done for you is a selection of music that we like at this time, We hope you like you and all your listeners

Any gigs coming up for the summer?

We do not have any special concerts for this summer yet, we have some dates for later, but these must be confirmed

Can you talk about some of your influences?

We love a lot of artist and labels, we played with different styles over time, All these styles have been artists who have influenced us, but the artists that influence us more now are artist that we play and listen at this moment… Richard Norris, Emperor Machine, Ivan Smagghe, Baldelli & Rocca, Jamie Paton, Headman, Tronik Youth, Craig Bratley, Clandestino, Coyote, Joe’s Bakery, Rodion,   Factory Floor, Dj Kaos etc.. and of course all the new talents like Red Axes, CPI, Lokier, Morgan Hammer, Amevicious, Marc Piñol, Vox Low, Rayko, Alvaro Cabana, Teniente Castillo, Cannibal Ink, and many more…labels as Nein, Correspondant, Joe’s Bakery, La Dame Noir, Kill the Dj, I’m Cliche, Is it Balearic?, Macadam Mambo, Los Grandes, Hivern, discos capablanca, Jolly Jams, etc..