Timothy J Fairplay and Scott Fraser – WTBS Radio show

Timothy J Fairplay and Scott Fraser  – WTBS Radio show

Timothy J Fairplay and Scott Fraser are involved with the exciting new label Crimes of the Future(think title may be taken from Cronenburg’s movie?)we talked a little about Scott Fraser before.

This radio show for WTB is packed full of dark Techno/House and features quite a few tracks that are soon to be released on their label ! What strikes me about a lot of the tracks is how they have a very warm sound (might be because its all analogue machines and tape decks)that feels like the tracks could be from the 70s or 80s but still manage to sound very fresh and modern at the same time !Also play Das Ding “Take Me Away” which is a classic in my opinion!

There is also quite a few sections where the beats drift from 4/4 to more off temp Electro breaks and it sounds so refreshing to hear that type of stuff again !!

Look forward to seeing these guys at the Berkely Suite in Glasgow in the next few months !!

There is also a tracklist:

Antoni Maiovvi- black Jesus (crimes if the future)
Marquis hawkes-house is my castle (dabj)
Das ding- take me away (minimal wave)
Scott Fraser- ask your control (Richard sen remix) emotional especial
Steve summers- the sunrise in your eyes (lies)
Black Merlin- amazing exotics (Adrian tripod remix) crimes of the future
Code 6 – quad 1 (nu groove)
Frankie bones – Janet’s revenge (underworld)
Chicago shags – irrational access (creme jak)
Heiroglyphic being- the electronic belt (alter)
Dj d-love – beats and lines (outlandz records)
Bangkok impact – jungle dam mit freundliche tel (frisky disco mix) (creme)
Jordan fields – boxbeater (hour house is your house)
Dj fett burger and stilleti ana – seriously goodbye (sex tags UFO)
Inhalt – panopticon (Scott Fraser remix) emotional response
M&M – M&M theme (let’s pet puppies)
Objekt- Objekt#3
Chicago shags – west side (bunker)
Depart 2 (white)
Lnrdcroy- DO.ne (original altitude mix) Forbidden planet
Timothy J. FairPlay – no news from New York